Spiritual Rejuvenation Program

‘This Program enhances the Ojas Quality which is the essence of the seven bodily tissues (Dhatus) which function as the threshold between the physiology and consciousness, to permit effortless communication between the body’s metabolism and its underlying intelligence.’

With this program, we intend to re-establish balance between Physiology and Nature and co-ordination between mind body and consciousness.

Focus of the Program:

  • Enhancing spiritual practice
  • Discover your innate qualities that emanate Contentment, Bliss and Accomplishment.
  • Specific Satvic Diet to enhance the Satva of the mind
  • Daily Regimen according to Vedic Science
  • Means to connect to your own self
  • Daily Pulse Evaluation to notice the changes of the Doshas, Dhatus and Ojas on a subtler level