Concept of Diet, Digestion and Nutrition

You are what you eat; therefore, eating wholesome and naturally intelligent food, suitable to your unique body type is eventually what will benefit you for an internal and external cleanse. Through this course, you will understand there is no ‘one-diet-suits-all’ concept. An Ayurvedic diet is determined as per individual’s mind-body constitution and needs. This tailored diet alone may cure certain illnesses in an individual including metabolic disorders; diet is thus the main pillar of life.

Course Highlights:

  • Concept of diet in Ayurveda
  • Introduction to Tridosha, Dhatu and Mala Principle
  • Introduction to Agni
  • Introduction to Ama (Toxins/Residues) and its symptoms
  • Introduction to the six tastes
  • Eight basic factors in regard to diet
  • Rules for intake of food
  • Physiology of digestion
  • Contradictory foods
  • Shruti Ayurveda approach to Ideal Nutrition


  • Duration 9 hrs
  • Sessions 6 sessions
  • Each Session 90 minutes (60 min lecture, 30 min Q/A)
  • Eligibility Open to all
  • Dates Dates to be announced soon
  • Timing

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