Benefits of Panchakarma

The holistic benefits of Panchakarma have been described in the form of a Shloka (Indian Vedic verse-form) in the book ‘Charak Samhita’. The Shloka reads:

‘Enhances your self-healing mechanism
Enhances the power of Digestion
Increases your Immunity
Slows down aging process
Maintains a Healthy Digestive Fire
Creates blissful Sate of Sense Organs
Increases Body Corpulence
Re-establishes Co-ordination between Mind, Body and Consciousness’

More often than not, we tend to stress over finding the right avenues to help us in achieving the above mentioned. Take a moment. Heave a sigh of relief. Panchakarma may just be your avenue towards a healthier you. Be sure to read our ‘Panchakarma Programs’ to find out more.