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At Shruti Ayurved, we believe that the field of intelligence is within you. You are unique and you can help yourself. Identifying your own organic wisdom is the key to enlivening your inner being. Let ‘the science of life’ help you discover your innate nature and reach ‘a state of perfect health and happiness’, which literally implies ‘Ayurvedabliss’. Our mission is to bring you one step closer to this very blissful experience.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Shruti’ means ‘that which is heard’. The word ‘Ayurveda’ consists of two words in Sanskrit viz. ‘Ayurh’ meaning ‘Life’ and ‘Veda’ meaning ‘Pure Science or Knowledge’. It is believed that thousands of years ago the Rishis or Sages ‘heard’ or revealed this ‘pure knowledge of life’ in form of vibrations in their meditation. This is how Vedic Knowledge came into existence. The Vedic Knowledge contains four main Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharva Veda. Ayurveda is a deputy Veda of Atharva Veda.
We, at Shruti Ayurved want to not only share this ancient and divine knowledge but also encourage it to be applied as a traditional or a more natural way of life on our path towards perfect health.


Ayurvedic Physicians

Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni

Ayurveda Physician, Practising since 36 years, Teaching Ayurveda worldwide since 1994

Dr. Anjani Kulkarni

Ayurveda Physician, Practising since 30 years, Teaching Ayurveda worldwide since 1994

Dr. Shubhankar Kulkarni

Ayurveda Physician, Assisting Panchakarma Therapy at Shruti Ayurved since 2018

Our Objectives

  • To work with you personally and kindle cognizance of self and healing through various traditional Ayurvedic techniques such as Panchakarma, and pulse reading and other techniques which include Vedic mantra therapy, Yoga, Pranayam (breathing techniques) and meditation
  • To help you in discovering the root cause of disorders and addressing them at the cellular level
  • To protect your mental and physical health from disorders through traditional Ayurvedic treatments, changes in lifestyle, dietary habits and exercise regimen. Some of the most common examples of disorders may include the following:
    • Insomnia and fatigue
    • Arthritis
    • Hyper and hypothyroidism
    • Infertility
    • Menstrual and menopausal problems
    • Indigestion
    • Obesity (metabolic disorders)
    • Diabetes
    • Heart diseases
    • Hypertension
    • Cancer
  • To assist in Type 2 diabetes reversal through our ‘Diabetes Reversal Program’
  • To assist in weight loss through our ‘Weight Management Program’
  • To educate you with smart tips in averting forthcoming illnesses through our ‘Immunity boosting course’
  • To maintain the health of the healthy and to cure the diseased
  • To identify and address women’s health issues

Life Forces

The Five basic elements viz. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space constitute nature. Ayurveda states that the human body is also made up of these five basic elements. The human physiology and nature must be in sync with one another to achieve a balanced and healthy state of Mind, Body and Consciousness.

Ayurveda revolves around three main life energies (3 Doshas / Tridosha) viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Tridosha are the governing energies of our physiology. These are responsible for the balances and imbalances in our physiology when they are healthy and vitiated respectively.

Agni (The digestive fire) is responsible for digestion, metabolism and transformation in our physiology. Agni is regarded as the most influential factor for the wellbeing of an individual. A vitiated Agni is responsible for diseases in our physiology.

The 7 Dhatus (Tissues) in our physiology viz. Rasa (Lymph, plasma), Rakta (Blood), Mamsa (Muscle), Meda (Fat), Asthi (Bones), Majja (Bone Marrow) and Shukra (Semen) are vital for the functioning of our body. The essence of these 7 tissues is known as ‘Ojas’ which is responsible for maintaining immunity in our physiology. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that all seven tissues are in a healthy state.

The 3 Malas (Excretory products) viz. Purish (Feces), Mutra (Urine) and Sweda (Sweat) : Balanced excretion of these three malas everyday helps in keeping the body healthy.


Bliss Within You

Ayurvedic Management of Metabolic Syndrome


Ayurveda refers to every individual as a unique being made up of a distinct constitution (Prakriti). The Tridosha are present in every individual, with one or two being predominant by birth. This predominance of doshas is called as constitution. This constitution is the foundation of diagnosis and treatments. The main cause of imbalances in Doshas, Dhatus (Tissues) and Agni (Digestive Fire) is the lack of co-ordination between mind, body and consciousness. In addition to this, polluted environment, polluted thoughts, processed,polluted food, unhealthy lifestyle also contribute to diseases. Ayurveda focuses on spiritual upliftment, Diet (Ahara), Lifestyle (Vihara), Panchakarma (Detoxification) and Herbs as the primary tools for treatment of diseases. Ayurveda along with Yoga, Pranayama and meditation is the best combination to treat a disease at its root cause and promote optimal health. Ayurveda’s holistic approach of healing cleanses the Mind, Body and Consciousness by eliminating the root cause and restoring Health (Swasthya), Bliss and Harmony.


We are physicians practicing in Tampa, FL, USA (Saurabh as a cardiologist and Sheela as an Integrative Medicine physician. After we finished our Ayurvedic certification study from the University of Connecticut, we wanted to find an Ayurveda Panchakarma Center to pursue the following goals:...read more

Dr's Saurabh & Sheela Chokshi Tampa, Florida, USA

Growing up I was used to exercise a lot: football, basketball, cycling and running were always a part of my everyday life, so I developed what I thought was a strong body with good cardiovascular performance. However, the last 10 years when I started focusing on my professional life, I had a major hormonal unbalance including extreme hypothyroidism, severe growth hormone deficit, cortisol, DHEA, FSH and others were outside normal parameters...read more

Miguel Castañeda Carvajal Mexico

I am so grateful to Drs. Kulkarni and, when it is possible, I will never change to another Ayurvedic doctor again. I did my first Panchakarma treatments in Germany and Kerala. After these treatments I was more ill and in disorder than before. That´s why I was very skeptical, when I met Dr. Kulkarni and he suggested me a Panchakarma treatment. I waited a long time and then decided to make a last attempt...
read more

Simone Bechthum Germany

The treatment suggested by Dr Kulkarni is excellent and within 3 months , I am almost non diabetic. Till march 2020 I was taking 6 tablets whereas now in June 2020 I am only on 1 tablet and that too half potency. My acidity issue is resolved too. Digestion has improved. What is to be appreciated the most is Dr Kulkarni follows up regularly after giving medication and diet plan (that needs to be strictly followed).

Mr P K Kolhekar 73 Years Mumbai

Hi, I am C D Kulkarni, aged 61 years. I am a diabetic since last 25 years and underwent Angioplasty in 2015. I started treatment for reversal of diabetes with Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni two months back. Surprisingly within 8 days of starting treatment, I stopped taking one tablet for diabetes. Recently, I carried out certain blood and urine tests. The outcome of these tests is very encouraging. My HBA1C came down from 7.4 to 6.5 ( report on 10/08/2020) Further, my weight has reduced by 9 kg during above period. Now I am feeling more energetic and young.

C D Kulkarni Pune, India

“Going to Ayurveda Bliss (Shruti Ayurved) in Pune for panchakarma was a transformational life changing experience for me. I never imagined that it was possible to experience the bliss, clarity, and energy that I was gifted from detoxifying my body and mind. Ayurveda has become a way of life under Dr Sanjay and Dr Anjani’s ongoing guidance and lectures. Their experience in healing modalities based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda spans over 26 years and is truly unparalleled.”

Prerna Balani New York USA

My old desire to have a Panchakarma in India became a reality thanks to my generous son. The experience with doctors Sanjay and Anjani Kulkarni was really very good. In a very warm Environment, with green surroundings, with a personal attention all the time, I felt renewed. Thank you very much.

Paola Zucchetti Mexico

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been hungry. An hour or two after eating the hunger was present again. Of course, I developed obesity, hypertension and hypothyroidism. I tried many diets without success because the perpetual hunger. I have taken three panchakarmas of approximately three weeks each with drs kulkarni in the last two years and the results have been fantastic... read more

Juan Mugel & Amanda Mexico

I am Shreyas S Kulkarni, 33 years old IT professional; had many health issues due to sedentary work style and unhealthy lifestyle, that resulted in obesity, severe constipation and Cervical neck pain. So I decided to try Ayurveda and holistic treatment to restore my deteriorated health. Dr Sanjay Kulkarni and Dr Anjani Kulkarni chalked out a healthy diet plan for me...read more

Shreyas S Kulkarni Pune, India

“I had the joy of following three magnificent trainings with Dr Anjani and Sanjay Kulkarni - "Ayurvedic pharmacy in the kitchen", "Ayurveda for women" and "Marmatherapy according to Susruta". Each time, I appreciated their authentic teaching, anchored in the pure Vedic tradition, with a great clarity and also with a very sense of practical, essential to the understanding of this millenary science! I also had the joy of welcoming them in France for two seminars and lectures in the Ramakrishna Vedantic Center. It remains for me a wonderful memory. I hope to return soon to India to go further and progress with Dr Anjani and Sanjay Kulkarni to whom I address my eternal gratitude

Anouk Trum France

Dear Drs. Kulkarni I would like to thank you again for your heart-warming hospitality and your professionalism during my first pancha karma. Being in India for the first time, and also having the very first Pancha Karma, your detailed kind explanation each time assured me so much and I could feel very secured and well protected. Not only the physical result that I feel much lighter, the most nourishing experience is that I had been really taken care of significantly with full attention towards my health by both of you. It has been a fantastic experience. I am quite impressed how you will support me from now on too. I started to take herbs that you prepared for me. I feel very blessed that I could have met you in the right moment to get the better health. I am already looking forward to visiting you again.

Morimi Kobyashi Japan

After coming back home Now I come step by step to my normal daily vienna timetable. The days in India and also the treatment will have a highly important influence in my future on my health, as I know. Knowing you and your wife, I was sure that I want to continue the Ayurvedic-Way. It was the truth and clearness of Ayurveda and also your way to teach and also the spirituality from yours. The whole Pancha-Karma was really totally peaceful for me. I enjoyed the treatments very much (Bastis are not really the things for every day!) but all the other treatments bring some Peace and contentment in my mind and body, that makes me very satisfied and happy. So this was an important step for me in this year and let's see, what future brings in that way...read more

Ingrid Austria

Vaidyajis, I write this letter to express the immense gratitude, I feel for all that you have generously shared with me throughout the Basic Principles course. I found this course via a ‘random’ internet search, and with little deliberation, committed based on a positive sense from your photographs and words, and of course, faith. Long before coming to India, I deeply desired to find a good teacher to convey the rich and prolific knowledge of Ayurveda, Under your tutelage I soon discovered: my hopes were aiming low. Not only two teachers, who showed integrity by willing to tutor me personally, but beautiful human beings who mirror consciousness, wisdom, knowledge, commitment, bhakti, strength, peace and bliss…daily. Simply, I feel privileged to be your student, and honoured to share in your company...read more

Your student, Lisa Nicole St. Cyr Vancouver, B.C, Canada

I hope you both are well. Since two weeks already I am back in Switzerland. I am quite well so far, except my back. The "rough" climate in Zurich is not so ideal (it's cold and the humidity is quite high). But my weight is down to 69 kilogram with no special effort! I am very happy, that I did the Panchakarma treatment and most of all that I chose it at your place in Pune. Even though my English is not so good, I could communicate as I wished, I gained a lot of profit. I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your commitment and kindness. It was for sure not my last visit in Pune.

Evelyne Roth Switzerland

We (2 friends and I) didn’t expect such a warm welcome at our arriving in Bavdhan/Pune, as we entered the clinic. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Kulkarni are very friendly people. They gave us the feeling of very special people and not just as ordinary patients. What I experienced during the treatment itself was an absolutely individual and very professional care. Every morning I had a personal appointment where Drs. Kulkarni looked at the status of my health and the progress of the treatment. After the pulse diagnosis Drs. Kulkarni would decide what will be the best treatment for the day. I am very happy with my health after this treatment and the condition I regained. Since I am back home again, I follow still a special diet, given to me by Drs. Kulkarni, for another two weeks. Thank you both once again for all the good and interesting talks we had and especially for the laughter.

Barbara Gutknecht Switzerland

I feel very light & good after 3 weeks Enhanced Panchakarma treatments which I enjoyed a lot,I felt so much attention & care during the whole stay.The Pk food was very delicious ,even though it was perfect PK meal .I missed nothing. I enjoyed a lot, the evening lectures from Dr.Kulkarni & the pulse diagnosis each day. He explained it in a very understanding way to me,so I could understand what was going on in my physiology.Dr.( Mrs) Kulkarni took very much care about me & treatment. It was a perfect Pk ,I never had before & thank you so much for all your care.

Helga Doubler Austria

I would like to express my sincere thank you for my two weeks Ayurveda diet, nutrition and digestion course at Shruti International Ayurveda Academy. I was really impressed by an outstanding teaching, authentic Ayurvedic knowledge, excellent and professional presentation, delicious food, clean and comfortable accommodation. At Shruti Ayurveda Academy I found a great balance between authentic Ayurveda knowledge, professional experience, synergy between East and West cultures and implementation of your world wide experience in your teaching...read more


The Women Health Course designed specially for me by Drs. Kulkarni was excellent. It was informative, interesting and challenging, providing me with correct and indepth information on Ayurveda by applying it to Womens Health. Teaching in detail The Womens Health Course focused on Ayurveda principles and its application to a womens life cycle. The importance of following the natural laws for everyday life. Starting with pregnancy, birth, and the development of the girl, from teenage years though to menopause. At each stage we looked at Ayurveda principles, health issues, diet, detoxifying methods and yoga among others. The Course pace and content was based on my needs and included both theory and practical sessions, such as oil massage and simple cooking recipes...read more

Gabrielle McMahon Melbourne, Australia

When I first met Dr. Kulkarni in 2011 I was seriously ill and it was him who gave me both hope and direction so that I can recover. He was the first person that truly gave me the feeling like he knew what was going on with me. Within three months of following his advice, I already felt significant change. That conviced me to go to my first panchakarma a year later and the result even convinced my highly sceptical parents. I was happier, more energetic and awake, life was just easier in total, my skin problems were completely gone...read more

Anne Blaschke Germany